A virtual window into a well of tortured souls suspended in the aether.

A degenerative art experience made for Procjam 2019


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This looks awesome! I love how the models are looking like in this ascii world...!

I tried downloading and using the WebGL player, but the problems persist...


Heya, I believe I fixed most of the problems.

Was just a quick little experiment for a game jam, glad you liked it :)

Of course!  No pressure intended.  The speed adjustment helped a lot!  


also if you get stuck, try using the mouse wheel to adjust your speed

I'm getting some strange errors in both Firefox and Chrome.  It occasionally shows normal 3D models, instead of the ascii character rendering.  Also, after moving around a bit, I will get stuck and cannot explore anymore.

Otherwise, I really like the look and feel of this.  There is something really creepy about it, especially the way it is rendered ... like you are looking at this strange and horrible place through a filter of some alien origin.  

I'd love to see some of the kinks worked out, so the thing could be more thoroughly explored.